Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tom Seeks Input On His Latest Obscure Hobby: Doctor Who Fan Fiction

By Tom Cuthbertson, Whom Geddy is Trying Desperately Not to Make Fun Of

Well, since this is supposed to be a space where we can write about anything, here goes. In the last week or two, I've become somewhat fascinated with the world of... fanfiction. Specifically Doctor Who fanfiction. Specifically Eleven and Clara fanfiction. Yeah. Rest assured I'm wrestling bears daily to keep my man levels in check.

Anyway, what I really want to ask is that if any fanfiction writers happen to be reading this, and are awesome, they wouldn't mind sharing a few pointers in the comments section? Especially if they fall into either of the aforementioned categories. In which case, for God's sake man, critique me hard! If not, as you were.

If you enter the Nerdosphere in this post, you'll find a small extract of a chapter I just wrote, hopefully the first of a lengthy story, as well as a link to the actual thing.

Well then, until next time,


P.S. I promise I'll let someone else do the next post.

P.S.S. I just found an American dime/nickel whichever one is five cents. Y'all have heavy coins.


"The Doctor's train of thought was halted by Clara, who had returned clad in a red Punkyfish hoody, one that he quickly recognised. "This'll do", she stated approvingly as she made her way over to the console, next to the suddenly sullen Time Lord. "It's warm, and I quite like it! Don't you?" She nudged him intently when he took more than a moment to reply.

"Yes… I always did", the Doctor reminisced, barely able to look at it. "It belonged to a friend of mine from quite some time ago. Didn't know it was still around…"

Clara's cheerful expression barely changed, though she couldn't say she enjoyed the reference to one of the Doctor's previous female friends. "Oh", she expressed summarily. "Was she nice?"

"Yes", the Doctor replied, managing a smile. "She really was".

"Was she around for long?" Clara asked, sliding herself closer to the Doctor.

"Yes… I suppose it was a while, yeah".

"Good snog?"

The last question was enough to snap the Doctor out of the half-daydream he was in as he took an uncomfortable step back from his companion. "Clara, please!" he responded sheepishly, a sad, light blush in his cheeks. "I don't really want to talk about it".

The cheeky grin on Clara's face faded into a rare serious expression, her insecure side taking over as she again closed the distance between herself and the Doctor. "Okay, but answer me this", she told him, delicately turning his head to make his eyes meet hers. "Am I just here to fill a void?"

The look on the Doctor's face changed from discomfort to sadness to caring. "No, you're not" he said truthfully, keeping her gaze while taking one of her hands in his own. "We talked about this; you're not here to replace anyone. You're unique".

Link to actual thing:

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