Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mr.Canada's Half-WrestleMania Review!

By Justin Henry, Smiling Politely

Hello friends, it's the Canadian here just wanting to write a quick blurb about Wrestlemania 29.

I would like to be complete honest in saying I did end up missing the first hour...ish of the show as I had work, which apparently was the best portion of the show, but regardless, I feel like talking about the part of the show I did end up watching. I tuned in as Alberto Del Rio was walking to the ring.
***I would just like to point out that I love Ricardo Rodriguez as much as a fat guy loves Ice***
But regardless I knew the outcome of this match weeks in advance ever since Swagger changed his motto from "We The People" to "Weed The People." It was an o.k. match with two arguably better than average performers and kept me entertained albeit the ending being easily guessable. I give the match a 6.5/10

Next up we have CM.Punk vs Undertaker, all I can say is that even though I feel like i'm the only one, I did enjoy this match, it did have it's...moments....we shall call them, but however it felt right and Mr.Punkington did manage to talk alot of people into believing that he was going to end the streak, the current smark group i'm in on facebook was divided 50/50 on who would win (I hate you so much Psst).
All in all I thought this match was an overall good match quality of a C.M. Punk match. 7.5/10

Now we have Triple H vs Brock Lesnar. Picture yourself leaned over a table with your head on it while banging on it telling yourself you want the pain to end. That about sums this up.

Here we are, the main event, John Cena vs The Rock. It was ok.

And there you have it, Mr.Canadians overall view of what he watched. Overall it was a big "meh." It was really predictable from my standpoint and I felt enraged when I read that Mr.Sandow didn't grace us with his presence. I give the show an overall 4.5/10. Have a good night everyone!

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