Friday, April 12, 2013

Fan Art Friday Number One: Dalek (Doctor Who)

By Geddy Cahoon, the Sovereign

Hello all, and welcome to the first of what I hope to be a weekly feature here at ol', Fan Art Friday! I'm an aspiring artist, and as such I tend do draw a lot of my own original characters. However, I'm not opposed to drawing fan art. Fan art is a great way to express your love of a character or series, as well as putting your own unique spin on it.

I'm not a huge Dr. Who fan, but I do LOVE the overall design and aesthetic of the Daleks. The Dalek is a fantastic balance of weirdness and simplicity, and plus robots are cool. In honor of our resident Eyebrow Overlord Tom, I decided I'd kick this feature off with some Dalek fan art. It's one of my personal favorite pieces of fan art that I've ever drawn.

So what are you waiting for?! Hit the jump and let's get the inaugural edition of Fan Art Friday started! EXTERMINATE!

This piece was drawn on my laptop using Adobe CS Profesisonal After Effects... Professional. As I said, I'm not a big fan of Dr. Who but I'm crazy about the Daleks' designs. I only had to look at a photo of a Dalek for like 20 minutes to nail the look I wanted.

My favorite Dr. Who episode would have to be the one where Dalek takes two dates to the same dance.

I think I succeeded in putting a slightly more grounded spin on the standard Dalek design. The shading was tough to get down and I couldn't quite get the wheels right, but practice makes perfect!

With careful practice you'll be drawing your own Daleks in no time!

So thanks for checking out the inaugural edition of Fan Art Friday. I'll hope to post a new one each week. Be sure to email me ( or leave a comment with any criticisms, compliments or thoughts you may have on my pieces.

I do take commissions and am available for freelance work.

Dalek is copyright Sega

Thanks for reading, and remember: Keep Drawing!

- Geddy

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